Why have people purchased final expense insurance from you?

Loved ones also have their own lives to manage, so your untimely and unfortunate death can create a financial burden due to the lack of proper financial planning before your death. Therefore, the small death benefit of final expense insurance is a need to cover final expenses.

Final expenses include the costs of the funeral and burial or cremation as well as sundry expenses. Sundry expenses are small miscellaneous bills and debts of the insured. Burial costs cover the embalming or refrigeration of the deceased body, casket, headstone, and cemetery plot while cremation costs cover the use of a crematorium and an urn to deposit the ashes of the cremated body. The funeral costs cover the facility and memorial service, including the obituary and eulogy. Bills can be medically related and debts can be from small loans and lines of credit. All of these costs make up final expenses that must be paid for relatively quickly after one’s death.

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