Why purchase life insurance indirectly from an independent agent rather than directly from a captive agent?

Purchasing life insurance indirectly has many benefits: money, freedom, time, service, and simplicity.

You save money when you work with an experienced insurance agent that is able to shop the best insurance rates for you.

You have more freedom to choose the right insurance policy as independent agents can have access to a plethora of insurance options that are suitable to your needs.

You save time as you can have someone else shop, manage, and review your insurance policy for you.

You receive the service you desire as you are in control of selecting the insurance agency you deal with in order to build your own level of comfort through developing a relationship of trust, friendship, and loyalty to your insurance agent.

You experience the simplicity of understanding the legal and financial insurance terms and concepts of your insurance policy with your insurance agent as they guide you through the solicitation process.

Insurance agents work in your best interest while insurance companies pressure you into purchasing only their products and services due to competition in the insurance industry to sell.

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